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The Distant Hours

The Distant Hours - Kate Morton I read the whole thing, so it is certainly not a 2 star book. But, it did feel very drawn out and teasing, hiding important facts in order to reveal them as plot twists, and telegraphing other "secrets" but not revealing them outright for whatever reason. Unlike other novels where history intersects with the present, it didn't successfully build layers of the world, but kept circling the one incident closer and closer, from different angles, like a penny in a donation funnel. It kept promising epistolary passages and not delivering. The present day narrator was supposed to be in her 30s but her voice was very elderly somehow. We hear once or twice from Juniper, and no times from Raymond, so a perspective of two people who drive the family history is really lost. The ending, therefore, felt anticlimactic and frustrating. And yet I will read most novels about families living in castles in WWII.